The production is carried by under-vacuum turboemulsifier and mixers with a daily production capacity of over 3000 kg of bulk. Assembly is really flexible, automated or semi automated for the filling of tube, flacons etc.. for a daily filling capacity of 30'000 pieces.
Each production phase is strictly controlled and managed through a system made up to ensure a complete traceability.
The lab allows an extremely flexible production, from little to bigger capacity accordingly to what is required by costumers.
Galene's productive structure operates under the ISO 22716 – GMPC and allows to offer a partly or full managing service, including the related PIF (Product information file) required by the International rules.

• Need analysis and marketing assistance
• Formula development
• Sample development
• Legislative assistance – Europe and world
• Scheduled bulk production
• Bulk quality controls
• Packaging tests and adhesive labels
• Sensorial evaluation of the product
• Packaging/product compatibility test
• In line application test
• Evaluation of efficacy, safety and stability test (challenge test, in use test, tolerability and pleasantness)
• Pilot production
• Packaging design
• Packaging quality control

Our types of products

  • Face dermatological line
    • Sensitive skins
    • Intolerant and reactive skins
    • Couperose skins
    • Impure skins
    • Dry devitalized skins
    • Anti-Age and mature skins
  • Body dermatological line
    • localized adiposity and cellulitis
    • Cellulite’s derived skin imperfection and tissue relaxation
    • Microcirculation and heavy legs
  • Solar lines
  • Trichological line
  • Detergency and hygiene